The Realm

Renovation Church uses The Realm, an online tool, because it makes a couple of key components of church fairly simple.

First this tool makes it easy for people in the church to connect with one another. Say you meet someone on a Sunday morning or hear of a ministry opportunity and you'd like to follow up. You can go on to The Realm, type their first name in the search box and send them a message directly. This is just one simple way, of many, that we can connect.

Second, this tool allows the elders and layleaders.....pretty much anyone who wants to minister or gather people in one way or another to share those opportunities with others. Don't worry, it's not a free for all, in fact we work hard to make sure the opportunities presented fall within the specific values and mission God has given Renovation Church, but if you're wanting to be an active and serving participant, The Realm is a great way to stay informed.

And finally, The Realm helps a growing and involved church like ours remain in rhythm together. If you'd like to receive articles and teaching from Pastor Matt or Rusty, or weekly updates on what's going on with children and students or check in to see pictures from a recent event, you'll want to be on the Realm. If you'd like to hear prayer requests and praises from others, you can find those there as well. 

It's simple and secure to set up, and we're hopeful that you'll find this to be a useful tool as many others have. If you’d like more information about The Realm or would like to request an account please email Pastor Rusty and let him know!

Connect with Renovation

We'd love to connect with you whether on Sunday or for coffee to answer your questions! 

On Sundays you can find us at 11am at GymQuest:

3820 Kemp Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45431

During the week you can email us to set up an appointment and we'll get in touch! You can also contact ministry staff directly on the website.