Ministry at Renovation

In an effort to maintain high integrity and faithfulness in ministry we focus on what we call the "Big 3". Rather than spread ourselves too thin in an attempt to maintain too much structure we instead break our church's ministry into three primary gatherings. As you progress from Sundays to Houses to DNA, the gatherings get smaller and smaller allowing for proper ministry at each level and ensuring care to the day-to-day level.

You'll also see below the Big 3 some principal descriptions of our ministry at the family level in it's different contexts. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Sunday Gathering

Our weekend gatherings are times where we gather as one church to learn from God’s Word and to experience Him through worship.

In visiting Renovation, you can expect an open experience of spending time with each other and meeting new people followed by a corporate time of worship, and then the hearing of God's Word. Wear whatever is comfortable and enjoy this special time together with us!

We are currently meeting every Sunday at 11 A.M. for worship at GymQuest, a gymnastics facility in Beavercreek. It is a great location for this time in our church’s life.

3820 Kemp Rd. Beavercreek, OH 45431

House Gatherings

Our house gatherings are focused on studying God’s Word in an atmosphere of community and friendship. During these times we eat together, spend time investing in one another's lives, and study the Bible.

Each group studies the same text each week but we offer several different locations and a few different times. You are free to attend whichever one is better for you and your family as you seek to live in rhythm with the body. Dinner and childcare are provided.

Wednesday Nights @ 6pm

1301 Artesian Ln // Fairborn // 45324

3116 Axe Dr // Fairborn // 45324

499 Travis Dr // Riverside // 45431

695 Granville Pl // Riverside // 45431

Please be sure to check our Facebook page on Wednesdays for updates on location changes due to illness or other extenuating circumstances that necessitate it. 

DNA gatherings

Discover • Nurture • Act

Our DNA Gatherings are about our one-on-two to one-on-three discipleship relationships. We follow a curriculum with DNA Coaches that focus on teaching us how to both shepherd our own hearts and pursue eliminating idolatry in our hearts. Alongside those primary pursuits is some basic education on how to study the Bible and basic training in fundamental theology. After completing the curriculum DNA still continues in regular gatherings together to really work out the discovering, nurturing, and acting as we do life together.


Children are a vital part of the life of Renovation Church. And, we have amazing children's workers to take care of them! We know that typically you will ask your child two questions after Sunday's worship; "What did you learn?" -and- "Did you have fun?" We are confident that you will be more than pleased in your child's response. We currently provide a children's ministry for ages infant through 4th grade.


We believe that students are capable of much more than our society expects of them and as such, we utilize this valuable time to teach them how to do hard things and how to expect more out of themselves. High accountability and intentional teaching in discipleship propels them forward to where we can see these young people lead today, not tomorrow.

At the current time in our church's life our student ministry size dictates a mentor relationship with each student as opposed to the classic youth group meetings. Our students worship together with adults on Sundays and also join in on the discussion in our Home Gatherings throughout the week. In addition to participating in these regular rhythms of the church, students have the opportunity to engage in our weekly discipleship groups with older men and ladies in the church on our DNA track.